Junior Competitors who compete in any Junior and or Open Rodeo Events,

Must wear properly fitted AUSTRALIAN APPROVED HELMET with chin straps fastened at all time during the ride.

Must WEAR A PROPERLY FITTED FULL FACE PROTECTIVE HELMET WITH CHIN STRAP FASTENED UP AT ALL TIMES during the ride. Your helmet must be appropriately adjusted to fit you and chin straps fastened up before you ride. Chute Boss and or Officials may request to inspect the helmet.
Approved properly fitted protective VEST.

If this request is not met, you will not be granted the ride and your stock Will be turned out.?


    • All Juniors (including Day members) must have suitable proof of age lodged at the NRA office otherwise nominations will not be accepted.
    • It is compulsory for ALL Juniors to wear a PROTECTIVE HELMET when mounted or competing in ANY Rodeo events.
    • ALL Juniors competing in ANY Rough Stock event must swear a FULL FACE HELMET and APPROVED VEST.
    • These rules include ALL Juniors holding an UPGRADED Open membership competing in BOTH Junior and Open events during the current Rodeo season.
    • If you turn 18 YEARS OF AGE during the current Rodeo season you MUST still abide by the Junior rules when competing in Junior events.
    • Juniors competing in OPEN events must have an UPGRADED Open membership as Junior membership only entitles you to compete in Junior events*.
    • If you wish to compete in an Open event you must UPGRADE your membership to Open Membership: Either Men's and Ladies' Open Membership of $110.00 (from $44.00 to $154.00) and plus bond of $60.00 (from $15.00 to $75.00).
  • Note*: If there is not a Junior event the same as the event you wish to compete in, you may compete in the Open event by paying Open day membership. However, with this option you are not entitled to receive points, only prize money.


Please note - All ages as at 1st January for the current Rodeo season

Poddy Ride 11 years & under
Junior Steer Ride 14 years & under
Junior Bull Ride 17 years & under
Junior Saddle Ride 17 years & under
Junior Bareback Ride 17 years & under
Junior Barrel Race 17 years & under
Junior Breakaway Roping 17 years & under

Junior Rodeos have specific age categories for events - please refer to the applicable Rodeo