BRYMAROO RODEO (ALL ROUND)Easter Saturday 15th April 2017.Commencing at 4.00pm (Qld)PRE PERFORMANCE AT 1.00PM IF REQUIRED (PIC QBRA 2317) (Cattle Tick Free Zone). Conducted by Brymaroo Rodeo & Campdraft Comm. Inc. Venue: Brymaroo Rodeo & Campdraft Grounds, Irvingdale Rd, BRYMAROO Qld. Contractor: Peter Barber, Stuart Timms & Hall Rodeo.

Bull Ride $1000 e/f $86

Saddle Ride $750 e/f $78

Bareback Ride $750 e/f $78

Rope & Tie $750 e/f $78

Steer Wrestling $750 e/f $78

Barrel Race $750 e/f $78

Breakaway Roping $750 e/f $78

Team Roping $750 e/f $88

Novice Bull Ride $500 e/f $59

Novice Bareback Ride $250 e/f $48

U18 Junior Barrel Race $200 e/f $22

U18 Junior Breakaway Roping $150 e/f $18

U18 Junior Bull Ride $250 e/f $26

U15 Junior Steer Ride $150 e/f18

The Advantage of watching your ride on the Big Screen!

Competitors Partner (1) and or Juniors with one Parent/Guardian to be half the cost of admission.


Entries to Central Entries are on Wednesday 5th April between 10.00am and 2.00pm and Thursday 6th April between 2.00pm and 6.00pm. Entries close Thursday 6th April 2017 at 6.00pm. 

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