Lawrence Twilight Rodeo

LAWRENCE TWILIGHT RODEO (ALL ROUND) (PLEASE READ NOTICE REGARDING JUNIORS COMPETING) (ABCRA/NRA Dual Affiliated) Saturday 30th December 2017 1st Performance 12pm, 2nd Performance 6pm (NSW/DST). Venue: Maclean Showgrounds, MACLEAN NSW. Contractors: Fitzsimmons bros and Hall Rodeo. Entry Fees Do not include Insurance for N.R.A members.

**Entry Fees Do not include Insurance for N.R.A members.

Open Bull Ride $1,500 e/f $117 (AB $45),
Saddle Ride $1,500 e/f $117 (AB $45),
Bareback Ride $1,500 e/f $117 (AB $45),
Steer Wrestling $1,500 e/f $117 (AB $45),
Rope & Tie $1,500 e/f $117 (AB $45),
Team Roping $1,250 e/f $109 (AB $37.50),
Breakaway Roping $1,250 e/f $109 (AB $37.50),
Steer Undecorating $1,250 e/f $109 (AB $37.50),
Open Barrel Race $1,250 e/f $95 (AB $37.50),
Novice Bull Ride $650 e/f $63 (AB $22),
Junior Bull Ride (14 – U18) $500 e/f $32.50
Junior Steer Ride (14-U18) $250 e/f $27 
Junior Steer Ride (11 – U14) $200 e/f $26 
Junior Steer Ride (8 - U11) $150 e/f $24
Juvenile Barrel Race (14 - U18) $150 e/f $10
Junior Barrel Race (11- U14) $150 e/f $10
Junior Barrel Race (U11) $150 e/f $10
Junior Breakaway Roping (8 - U18) $150 e/f $24
Entries with ABCRA phone number:
1800 028 992, Wednesday 13th December, Thursday 14th December, Friday 15th December 2017. (9am to 5pm EST. 8am – 4pm QLD).
Late entries taken Monday 18th December between 9am-3pm AEDST
Note: All NRA Members are required to pay insurance on top of the entry fees as per the following:
Bull Ride event: $18.50 per Rider
Senior Events; $16.50 per Rider
Junior Events: $3.30 per Rider

All competitors pay at the gate and refunded when nominations paid. No Portable yards to be used due to lack of space. Free stables for use on grounds. A $20 site fee per night will be charged for camping.


This rodeo is dual affiliated with the ABCRA and will be run under their rules.  Junior competitors are not permitted to compete in the Open Barrel Race in the ABCRA.  To ensure that NRA All Round points apply any relevant NRA juniors will be allowed to run in the Open Barrel Race as a non-competitive entrant. This means that they will not be able to win prize money but they will be able to win points. They will not be charged an entry fee to compete provided that they are also competing in the Junior Barrel Race.

Due to the ABCRA's different age restrictions to the NRA in other optional events, no points will be awarded for the Steer Undecorating, Junior Barrel Races and Junior Steer Rides. Full points will be awarded towards NRA titles in all other events including the Junior Bull Ride and Junior Breakaway Roping.




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